Letters to a son

Letters to a Son, 2014.

Edition in Ebook, 2017.

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The book «Letters to a Son» was the third book that Carlos Dorado wrote after almost a decade, since he had previously written two books entitled respectively «The priest of my town wants to fix the Church» (year 2001), and «To the mother who gave birth to me ”(year 2004). It can be said that «Letters to a Son» was one of the most successful books published and sold in Venezuela in the second half of 2014. The first edition was 2,000 copies that were sold out in the first fifteen days after its presentation.

A Second Edition was requested from the Publishing House with the printing of 1,500 copies, which were also sold in a few days. Its Third Edition was at the beginning of 2015 with the printing of 1,000 copies. In 2017, and after the request of numerous readers and followers of the author, an updated version of the book was made that had physical copies as well as the Ebook version, with the option of being able to purchase it online.

In the book «Letters to a son» the author Carlos Dorado offers us the teachings of his parents, the humble memory of his origins, and the common sense with which he has forged his own life, to turn them into a legacy full of values ​​for their children. In many of the chapters of this book, the author provides us with quotes from the most common of mortals to well-known writers, making us participate in situations that undoubtedly make us see some realities from a different angle, leading us to reflect in the minutes we read them .

These letters that Carlos Dorado dedicates to his children, bring with them those good teachings from grandparents to grandchildren.

It should be noted that a part of the proceeds from the sales of this book is donated to the “Fundación de la Madre Luisa Casar”, which has offered comprehensive schooling and shelter for many years to more than 400 marginalized children and young people in danger of exclusion. social in the neighborhood «La Bombilla» of Petare.

Yearning to return


“Yearning to Return”, a book that combines the drama of nostalgia –morriña-, the absence and internal uncertainty of the emigrant, with the dreams and hopes that envision him in the face of that better future that he seeks in foreign lands. There are decisions that change a person’s life. Leaving the country of origin to start over in another land that is alien to them, in search of a better quality of personal, professional and family life; This entails a series of strange decision-making, feelings that are difficult to reconcile, sacrifices, as well as experiences that are not always desirable, which are expressed in simple language in “Wanting to Return”. Carlos Dorado shares with readers the sense of uncertainty, difficult decision-making, fears, mistakes, anecdotes and the triumphs that he experienced as a person when he emigrated as a child with his parents.

Additionally, in the book “Yearning to Return”, there is a set of contents that, without moving away from the reflective stance, which Carlos Dorado always pursues with his texts, intends for the reader to know in a curious way some experiences and lessons that he has lived at first person, or who has received as a learning from the example that his parents gave him; and that he recounts them so that the reader finds some identification in them, and that they are of practical use and even self-reflection.

Carlos Dorado
Carlos Dorado
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